3 Key Factors That Determine Local Search Ranking on Google

Did you know, Google (and Bing) search engines have two forms of presenting search results? One is general results, the other is local search results based on location of user or business being searched for.

This topic is regarding the Local Ranking on Google which probably makes up 60-80% of your potential customers.

The following information is valuable to any small business trying to better understand the search engine giants inner workings.   It is indeed important to know that listing your business in the yellow pages and waiting for a reponse are long gone.

(Disadvantages of using Yellow Book/Pages for your online web presence)

You must increase your online presence so customers can find you with their laptops and smartphones.

“Millennials grew up on the web and mobile,” said Ted Zoller, T.W. Lewis clinical professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at the University of North Carolina. “If you want to capture that segment, you have to be up to speed with how they communicate.”

Relevance, Distance and Prominence are 3 factors Google uses to place your business during local searches in the front of potential consumers screens.

Learn more on these key search engine words so your better informed of what effects these type of search results .

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Source: 3 Key Factors That Determine Local Ranking on Google – Manta

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