Learn What Type Of Client You Are

Although the subject may seem a bit personal, it really is something web designers need to understand to provide you the best solution.

A web solution can be provided to any client, but if the client type is not fully understood the solution provided can be a failure.

“Why client terminology vs. customer? I see customer as one time buyer, where as a client, your there for the long run. “

There are three common types of clients I commonly see, which one are you?

  • Type A
    • You’re a business owner, busy as well, but really want to be in more control and able to make updates to the majority of the site yourself, knowing they will be take effect immediately.
    • You have a pretty confident direction of what you want the site to look like and functions needed.  Have some other websites in mind that intrigue you.
    • Are slightly experienced in technology and/or web design, knowledgeable with terminology
    • You will probably make updates multiple times per year (think blog posts, calendar events)

  • Type B
    • You’re a business owner, busy like most, but really value your time and don’t want to bother with making updates to your own site or involved much during the design
    • Don’t have a real insight for the design of your new site (you trust the web designer will do its job)
    • You would like to simply email or submit a request for a change to be made on the website and have the rest taken care of.
    • You probably only need a couple updates done per year.


  • Type C
    • Type C is a mix of Type A and Type B traits.
    • You would like to be able to make some updates through the website (blog posts, article pages etc…)
    • You would still like to submit changes and have them taken care of
    • You have little to moderate direction of the design/functionality of the site, but you figure you will leave up the rest to the web designer
    • You may have very little changes to the website needed after its running


Knowing which type of client allows a the web solution provider, such as Northwoods Web Designs, to build the site assuring the end result meets the needs and expectations of the client.


Northwoods Web designs can provide the right solution for any type of client.  We are able to accomplish these by some of our straight forward questions we ask.


Are you interested in becoming a client (we don’t mind what type you are)?  If so you can fill out our specially crafted web design worksheet here to get started.


If you know what type of client you are, leave a comment below.

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