Be Cautious of Scam Voicemails Left Trying to Get You To Call Back

Stop Spam - Although some of it is funnyWelcome to our Spam Hall of Shame. Where we post some of the most bizarre, funny but potentially harmful scam/spam to the unknowing victim.

Its possible you never heard of Vishing before. What is it? Its a type of scam emails that are done exclusively via Voicemails, since it knows most people don’t pick up there phones anymore.

But your on the do not call list right? These folks don’t care and just let there computers do the work. And unfortunately anyone can be a target of this scam and it doesn’t matter whether you provided your number with others.

Phone numbers in the U.S. follow a predicted value so a simply computer program can be created to obtain the numbers (everything from (111) – 111 – 1111 to (999) – 999 – 9999 for example. Which makes it easy to have a computer to simply do the dirty work and leave a recorded message (scammers are also lazy people).

Why are they doing this? 

If you are like most, you don’t answer the call unless they are in your contacts lists. So scammers are now leaving voicemails to try to entice you to call them back. Which of course is their first goal, second is to badger you into either signing up for services you don’t need or obtain private or personal information on you to target you further.   Below is the actual voicemails I and other clients have received.

Updated 4/2019:

FROM: (480) 725-2960;

Do you need funding for your new project? < listed here>,
We can help raise $30-$250K to get it started. Please let us know a good time to call you. Thx.

FROM:(860) 200-0076

Capital we’ve an approval to discuss with the owner of the business regarding working capital. It is time sensitive. So, please press one now to be connected to a funding Specialist, or press two to be removed from our list. Thank you.

FROM:(940) 202-2203

Dollars and ninety-nine cents for one year PC tech support. If you wish to cancel the subscription and get the refund, please dial on 940-2223. I repeat 940-202-2203. Thank you.

FROM: (715) 227-2458;

Tired of getting calls regarding your Google listing. We understand they can be quite annoying. We would like to free up your time is the business owner and help stop these calls or system is come back with an error on your listing showing that it either unclaimed mocking pertinent information or is not one hundred percent complete which flags it at risk for removal 75% of search engine users. Use. Google is their preferred search engine. If you’re missing information chances are you’re not being shown and local results, press one now to speak with a technician. We only need a few minutes of your valuable time to gather the needed information to update your listing and secure the lifting and fix the issues. If you’re the business owner, please press one now to speak with a Google Certified Technician to get this finished once and for all Press two to be removed from the calling list.

FROM: (425) 441-6550;

The matter at the hand is extremely time sensitive and Urgent has after all that we found that there was a fraud and misconduct on your tax filing, which you are hiding from the federal government. This needs to be rectified immediately. So do return the call on our direct line number. The number is +425-441-6550. Again, +425-441-6550. Thank you.

FROM: (608) 676-7334;

System with Visa Mastercard account services with important changes to your account before the next billing cycle if you received your new rates by mail and wish not to be contacted press 3 congratulations on your excellent payment history you now qualify for a 0% interest rate on all your credit card accounts. This is a limited time offer, and you must respond immediately press 1 now to speak to our qualification department and complete the enrollment process.

FROM: (312) 414-1732; (872) 772-2393

$15,000 no upfront fees.. No security deposit or processing charges so call us back on our direct line number 312 4141732 let me repeat that for you.. +312-414-1 732. Thank you and have a great day.

Technology is great, but scammers continue to try to trick people from all different methods including mail scams, texting scams and of course phone scams.

In reality, this is just another method and attempt for these scammers to sit on their but trying to make money while being of no use to society.

View our other captured low lifes that made it to the Spam Hall Of Shame. And let us know if you received the similar email, text or voicemail from any of our SHOS call outs.

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