Increase Your eCommerce Store Revenue

Launching an eCommerce site (website used to sell products with typically shopping cart style) is an exciting time for any business.

With an eCommerce site, you will products available to purchase you know are great, many have told you so, and now you want to open it up to the world.

So ideally you contact a reputable web design firm to provide you a professional turn-key eCommerce site that puts you in the right direction.

But one of the first things that new businesses find out when launching a website to sell products is that sometimes its hard to get folks to buy the products, that you know is great.

But just because you have a great product and suburb designed website, like the ones Northwoods Web Designs build, there are still many factors that play into the purchasing decision of the visitors.

Or even if your sales are pretty decent, it comes to a point where you view the website analytics (which we provide with our Web Care Services Plans ), and notice you would like a little better conversion rate.

What do you mean conversion rate? 

Let me explain. Say in a period of a month, your website analytics shows you had 200 visitors, but you know you only had 10 customer purchases. In short this translates into you having about 190 folks that visited your site and decided not to make a purchase.

Which all honestly, that may be fine, as some may be landing on the site just wanting to know more, and are now shopping around. Eventually they may come back. Or it could be competitors checking the site with never an intent to purchase.  So take the numbers with a grain of salt.

You want to increase this conversion rate (who wouldn’t), but how?

We have compiled our tips we have provided in the past and include them below for free (some folks will charge for this marketing consultation).  So try these suggestions one at a time to validate what is working, and what doesn’t. Or implement all of them to get the most out of your eCommerce sales.

  • Make Sure You are Leveraging Sale Prices
    • Many eCommerce sites, like the ones we build, provide functionality so you can add a regular price and a sales price. Make sure to leverage them.
    • Consumers like feeling like they are getting a savings, regardless if they actually are. Its called consumer optics.
  • Temporary Decrease the Price of Product(s)
    • Competition/pricing play a major role in successfully selling like products on the market.
    • For testing pricing conditions, you can drop the prices by 25% for a period of one month and see if there is a change.
    • If you see sales increase, you may have found that your normal price is a price that folks are not willing to pay for the product.
    • One trick, is to reduce your product to fit in that price range. If your price that was not selling including 10 items, change the product to only include 7 and keep it at the 25% reduced price that seemed to sell.
  • Entice Folks with Coupon Functionality (price discounts)
    • Everybody likes surprise discounts
    • We can build in the coupon functionality into any site, where a gentle (one-time per visit) pop-up occurs either having them email for a coupon, or presenting the coupon immediately, forcing them to continue to purchase to save money.
    • Keep the pop-ups minimal, and keep in mind, many folks are utilizing mobile devices so it must be done well, and don’t aggravate the visitor with additional pop-ups, scroll things or other things. The website should sell itself as is (if built by Northwoods Web Designs).
  • Promote the Darn Thing
    • This isn’t a baseball field, just because you build it, does not guarantee they will come.
    • Want more free marketing advice? Make sure check out the Official Social media Platform Checklist for Best SEO & ROI of your eCommerce Site.
    • If your selling food products, get out and go to trade shows or the like that are related to the products you sale.
    • Get your business card out there, get the word, many of the biggest sites on the internet started from local word of mouth which drove sales online and eventually spread.

Hopefully these tips and suggestions will prove useful. If there are any additional ones you think should be added, please leave a comment.

Social Media Platform Must Have Checklist For SEO ROI

So you get a new website built and when you click on your domain name you see the awesome website. You probably thought, great I can sit back and watch the leads come in.

For a sound online presence, the website is indeed your bread and butter. But there are many other aspects that can help your bread and butter be the best it can be.

In other words, some additional work can be done outside the website, that actually improves the website value and online search results. It’s called leveraging social media platforms, which many have (Facebook, Twitter etc..)

So whats the best way to take advantage of social media and improve your online presence?

The following list of items should be ongoing tasks to make sure your website has more curb appeal to the major search engines so they continually rank you higher then others that have less curb appeal.

Good thing is, most of these items are free. It only takes a little elbow grease to get a good ROI in your Search Engine Optimization investment.

  • Update your blog (you have a blog right?) on your website at least monthly. Recommended is weekly.
  • Review / Update your website pages at least quarterly to keep them fresh, (i.e. new staff member? updated services? change of wording to keep it fresh)
    • TIP. There are content writers that specialize in crafting awesome content. Sometimes if your not sure what to write, using there services could be of great value.
  • Update your Social Media Platforms at least monthly. Although weekly is recommended
    • Facebook: Provide short excerpt of a blog and link back to your blog post
    • Twitter: Provide even shorter excerpt and link back to your blog (or other page on your website)
    • YouTube: If you have products or services, take a video and post it to your YouTube channel, then of course share the link on your other platforms
    • LinkedIn: This is the professional social media platform, great use when looking for employees and to promote your business
    • Instagram & Pinterest: Use one or both, but simply put, submit some nice pictures of your products or services offered with a short description 20 words or less.
  • Update online business directories to assure they are using your correct phone number, company hours, address and of course website URL is listed. These are more of the popular ones. You may have to register, but for each one you update, it gives you a free link back to your website. Nothing wrong with that.
  • Obtain inbound links from other websites that are credible. If you work with a vendor or 3rd party where your services end up benefiting them or mutually beneficial, ask if they would like to link to your website or even a blog post from there site.

As you can see, optimizing your website isn’t easy or quick, or a one time thing. But doing these will put your website in the forefront of all others who decided to skip over these tips.

Are there any tips or items that I am missing? Would love to build upon this one for all the small business and non-profits out there that could really use some help in this arena.

Phishing Fake Call Attempt From Call 916-347-7984

Hopefully you find this post (from search of “who called me 916-347-7984 or other dozen of numbers” before you fall victim to the scam.

Thanks to fellow readers, here are other numbers they are also using that you should block:

206-400-9013 / 201-984-3326 / 202-602-6024 See all spam numbers...

    • 201-984-3326
    • 202-602-6024
    • 202-697-7183
    • 202-697-9244
    • 202-869-5942
    • 202-858-7484
    • 202-886-0575
    • 202-991-2840
    • 202-996-5017
    • 202-996-5783
    • 206-401-0746
    • 206-208-3445
    • 213-596-3261
    • 224-214-0870
    • 253-802-0612
    • 281-564-5464
    • 315-367-4271
    • 352-269-4091
    • 360-680-1239
    • 404-437-6424
    • 425-320-0582
    • 425-657-3130
    • 430-808-3486
    • 443-339-9109
    • 469-206-4346
    • 478-246-0507
    • 503-660-3823
    • 509-209-8681
    • 509-591-4607
    • 631-635-8223
    • 613-707-6435
    • 618-767-9713
    • 646-506-9909
    • 701-353-7157
    • 707-302-8710
    • 713-566-0065
    • 760-314-6838
    • 786-629-9095
    • 813-566-0065
    • 814-273-9726
    • 844-762-6195
    • 866-978-5964
    • 877-571-0197
    • 910-427-1341
    • 915-603-5071
    • 916-347-7984

Not too often we get calls that go to this extreme level, let alone actually leave a voice mail. Which is simply a scare tactic to get fear and time against you so you let your guards down. Truly display’s what type of scum live out there.

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Be Cautious of Scam Voicemails Left Trying to Get You To Call Back

Stop Spam - Although some of it is funnyWelcome to our Spam Hall of Shame. Where we post some of the most bizarre, funny but potentially harmful scam/spam to the unknowing victim.

Its possible you never heard of Vishing before. What is it? Its a type of scam emails that are done exclusively via Voicemails, since it knows most people don’t pick up there phones anymore.

But your on the do not call list right? These folks don’t care and just let there computers do the work. And unfortunately anyone can be a target of this scam and it doesn’t matter whether you provided your number with others.

Phone numbers in the U.S. follow a predicted value so a simply computer program can be created to obtain the numbers (everything from (111) – 111 – 1111 to (999) – 999 – 9999 for example. Which makes it easy to have a computer to simply do the dirty work and leave a recorded message (scammers are also lazy people).

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